Flip Flops 'n' Dirt

Here I am... this is me

Sunshine and taxes....
"So this is all the money you earned this year?".... "erm, yes." ....

Oh taxes... oh money.... oh lack of money... what can you do but just... erm... ummm... I got nothing. I HATE MONEY! I HATE NOT HAVING ENOUGH... NEEDING MORE... WISHING I DIDN'T NEED MORE... you name it... I don't like it... money makes life complicated. And that is how I feel.

In other news a lot of stuff has happened since I last posted.

1) Jessica went home... it was fun to go back to Seattle to drop her off... not so fun actually saying goodbye!

2) I was invited to sing a couple of tunes at the Irish Times in Victoria (perhaps my FAVE pub on the entire island!) I think it went pretty well...


is the GRACETUBE we recorded on the road... SO GREAT

4) going back to work... I don't like going back to work... to be honest I don't think anyone likes going back to work... SIGH

5) I learned how to hula hoop on the legislature grounds in Victoria... It was glorious.

6) THE SUN IS SHINING! I AM WEARING FLIP FLOPS.... it doesn't get much better!

So yeah, that's about it... I'm so glad spring is finally here... I also have decided that I need to get back into writing music. It's been too long! although, playing a guitar after a ukulele is a little bizarre...

on the road again
Hey everybody!

I know that I was trying very hard to keep this blog up and running... BUT.. then I up and ran (haha get it? that was good) to Edmonton! Jessica flew into Seattle on Saturday and on a whim I said, hey let's just drive up to Edmonton from Seattle! I even google mapsed a route across Washington and up through Idaho. The only problem is that, me being a little Prairie girl, and Jessica being from the East coast, we didn't *ahem* realizewewouldhavetodriveoverahugelygiganticmountaintogetacrosswashington *ahem* SO .. unlike Vancouver Island that has been flip flop weather as of late... Said Washington mountain had about three feet of snow! My car + snow = STUCK... very stuck. Thank the Lord there was a man named Greg who came to our rescue! He took us to get tire chains, put them on and taught me how to take them off, and we got down off the mountain! Although I'm not so sure it was fun getting down on my hands a knees in the slush to try to get the chains off the tires... especially after Jess decided to push one chain onto the axel....

Anyways, minor catastrophes aside, everything else was pretty smooth sailing. Now for the point form action re-cap:

-drove to Seattle
-picked up Jessica
-drove up and got stuck on a mountain
-slept in a very delightful comfort inn

-easily crossed the border (unlike the two hour delay going into the states)
-drove up the number 1 to Sicamous to stay at my mumsy's over night.
-developed a lame crack in the corner of my windshield grrrr.
-recorded a FANTASTIC GRACETUBE on the road... shall be posted once edited.
-my cell phone died

-Drove to Edmonton
-saw the mountains
-took a ridiculous amount of pictures
-enjoyed Lake Louise until some random guys tried to pick us up by taking pictures for us.. eep
-had dinner with Steve Frolek! It was awesome!

-wore some green clothing
-shopped at West Edmonton mall... found some fantastic shoes for Frolek...
-clipped some shamrocks in my hair..
-Hung out with Jesse for the first time in seven years!
-ate a burger at Denny's and called it a night

-got up way too early
-discovered my car doesn't like the cold and wouldn't start
-drank a lot of coffee
-got a new cell phone!!
-purchased the most amazing fisheye camera and commenced with a picture flurry
-Went to Whyte Ave to eat at Dadeo
-Dadeo is closed on Wednesdays! so we ate at Julio's Barrio
-became friends with the guys at Blacks that developed all of the awesome pictures...
-tried to win a lot of money... but failed
-"Nuts!... specifically cashews... CHASHEW!"
-Met up with Rachel and Angela! ... breezed through IKEA
-stayed up way too late... and crashed on a couch

-got up planning on leaving Edmonton
-discovered I needed a new battery for my car
-Justin CAME TO THE RESCUE! and bought us some lunch too :D
-We decided to stay one more night
-went and took some more pictures
-helped Justin teach some kids how to make hemp bracelets...
-played my ukulele
-closed down Boston Pizza playing a ridiculous game of charades!

-slept in a bit
-tried not to go to West Ed again... and failed
-From Flat land to Purple Mountain's majesty... once again
-chased some cows to get their picture
-the mountains are rainy
-Mum made "GRACETUBE" t-shirts! she's the best.

And now we have come around to another Saturday... what's next you ask? I'm not too sure... but it will be full of adventure!

-your long lost Grace

Thank Goodness It's Spring Break!

*Ok... before you start reading this... load this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jM2YwhaNCc&feature=channel ... MY FRIEND STEWART SHOWED ME THIS BAND HE IS AWESOME!... play it while reading.. then you will get my vibe while writing this post.. LOOK I'm being so interactive! *snaps for Grace *

No really, It may mean that I don't get paid for a little while... BUT I'M FREE LIKE A BIRD!! Sometimes I honestly miss being a kid where free time was truly free time... free from everything... like go spend three hours splashing around in the mud then chase a lizard, climb a tree, re-style the hair of your entire Barbie doll collection, and fall asleep while watching "Labyrinth" and you have yourself one incredibly productive day. YES I have the next two weeks off.... but I feel this guilt slash need to somehow do something to make money... or manage my money responsibly as well as not waste my time.

I have to get my taxes done... I have to really clean my basement suite... I should organize all of my papers and stuff... OH and I need to clean my car....

Ok.. that list doesn't sound so intimidating, but I'm pretty sure that only scratches the surface of things I need to get done but have been ignoring/forgetting/putting off. SO THANK GOODNESS JESSICA IS COMING!

For those of you that are "following" my blog... all three of you? I said in my last Gracetube that my best friend JessicaFewer (yes I often say it as one word when referring to her) is coming to visit me. It's been over a year... or maybe exactly a year... or something like that... whatever it has been it's been too long! I am SO EXCITED to see her because when we are together it is ridiculous nonsense of awesomeness! SO I am truly thankful that she is coming to see me because that means that I have no excuse but to shirk my responsibilities for a while and HAVE FUN.

In other news... LAST NIGHT WAS AWESOME! I went to the Irish Times Pub (by far my favorite pub in Victoria) and I caught some FANTASTIC live music. It was just one of those excellent experiences where the atmosphere was electric! The musicians feeding off the crowd and the crowd feeding off the wonderful performance. I've definitely had those moments while performing. In fact last night's electricity kinda kicked me in the tush and said... GRACE! THIS IS WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO... WHY AREN'T YOU DOING IT? And all I could think of in response what... I DON'T KNOW? (Very Zoolander moment I realize)

So here I go.. I'm gonna try to start performing at some coffee houses.. I'm going to keep making the videos... and Twittering... and blogging... and see what happens!


So I watched this video...

then felt compelled to respond with this...

I realize mostly 13 year old girls like to do that sort of thing... but I just did it... so watch it! And leave me a comment... I love comments!

Some Thoughts For 2am
* It's good to be back blogging/vlogging/whatevs
> Dear Jesus, thank you for music
* I'm seriously hedging on getting myself out and hitting up the coffee shop/ open mic scene again
> If I've already done it... why is it so intimidating?
* I wish that real cheese didn't hurt my tummy... sheese sounds about as good as it tastes.

> Making the bed helps the whole world feel like a better place
* DANG I need to remember to do my taxes!
> I gave in and started 'tweeting' again... http://twitter.com/geeraceface ... maybe it will stick?
* I love being on YouTube.. but I'm slightly terrified of negative comments on my videos
> Do you ever feel like too many people just want to be your acquaintance and not really your friend?

* Those slurpee things from DQ do not taste good... I'd rather eat the dairy and get the pain.
> Why does the food that is good for you taste bad... and vise versa?
* One draw back to being single.. sever lack of cuddling.
> I want to take more pictures.
* I have 6 blankets on my bed.

> My landlords left me a big yellow recycling bag today.. do you think they were trying to tell me something?
* I love it when the sun doesn't set at 3pm
> If anyone wants to lend me a copy of 'Papertowns' I <3 you
* I *ahem* sortakindamaybelikethejonasbrothersjustabitbutnotoomuch *ahem*
> I wish I could get paid for Gracetube.... .. .

* I wonder if I'm not so much afraid of failure as I am success?
> What if I could get paid for reading kids books outloud?
* I kinda want to get dreads
> I'm kind of longing for a new adventure... but I have no idea where the next step is...
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=venx8t5dG4I&feature=related

*Good night Moon*

Because I received the MOST FANTASTIC video request for a Gracetube song... I stayed up until *ahem* fiveinthemorning *ahem* making the video for it... I had to find the chords... then ... figure out how to pull it off... THEN... this is what happened..

Consequently I was late for work this morning... and all I want to do is sleep right now.. BUT there is more to be done. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT... TOTALLY

P.S. A lot of people have been asking if I have a CD... erm.. nope. Some day I would LOVE TO DO THAT.. as in.. it's definitely a goal! If you want to help me to acheive that goal.. THUMBS UP! I write a fair bit of music and some day I will share with you all.. but for now this is what you get :D


p.p.s. the actual video request can be seen on my facebook page... they left it.. right there for me... and if you are cool and have 'pirate' facebook it's on me plank (y'know what i mean!)

So I've been making a bunch of videos on Facebook called GRACETUBE.... and I've always been wanting to step it up a notch as far as the "bells and whistles" are concerned... aka editing. SO TODAY WAS THE DAY! I was snowed in... like come on.. seriously snow? Oh well it worked in my favor. Remember the family that went to Mexico? Well they came home with a ukulele just for me. They picked out a pink one AND named her Maria Jose... so I promised them I would learn a song on it... although I'm pretty sure the 'strings' are fishing line...

I decided to learn how to use Imovie... AND.. make a Maria Jose video...

So here it is! If only every snow day were this productive!!

Hope y'all enjoy :D

WOW I used to be so good at this!
Greetings from 4am. It's late, I know, I need to catch some shut eye. But there is one thing mercilessly riding my conscience... I LOVE MY BLOG... and if I love my blog so much... WHY DON'T I POST ANYTHING ANYMORE?!?!?

because I suck.

Let me think of some clever tidbits of information to bring everyone up to speed and make up for being so negligent.

1) I painted my toenails teal.. then I didn't like that colour so I painted purple over top... now they look awesome. the perfect colour of toenail polish is essential for happy flip flop feet.

2) Today I got to sit in my car while Corky (My mechanic) diagnosed and fixed her fan problems.. I was given the faulty resister that was causing one of the problems.. I think it shall become some decorative dashboard art soon.

3) I am single once again, not sure what to think,.. it's been just over 2 months... I've noticed that Spring Fever is starting to hit a lot of my friends... is it contagious? If so, then why am I still single?

4) here is a mini list of cool things I have done since becoming single (there are some pluses you know!) i: I bought a Ukulele and named her Ingrid. ii: I got my nose pierced! iii: I record 'Gracetube' videos of me and my ukulele on Facebook and I'm starting to get fans! (Grace Morrison-- look me up!) iiii: I am at least 25% cooler and more excited about life! iiiii: I AM a guitar hero!

5) I can almost make the Chewbaka noise in the back of my throat... It kind of tickles..

6) I have made an official 4 in the morning life goal. I WILL blog more...

7) I want to start playing coffee houses again.. let me know if you know any place that would like to hear some ukulele covers of Alanis Morisette and the Backstreet Boys!

>This is Grace signing off... I will be back to babble more later<

p.s. Blog offs are fantastic! Shout out to Tony http://tonynobooks.blogspot.com/ for virtually giving my inspiration a kick in the right direction! I look forward to hearing more!

Ok.. so it's way too late! I need to go to sleep... BUT... there is one thing that is keeping me up and fuming. SWAP-BOT

What is that? you say... well it's this fun website where people from around the world (mostly crafty ladies) get together and decide to swap things in the mail like handmade items.. or various little gifts... might I stress the FUN part of it... Up until lately it has been a joy to be a part of something so inspiring and delightful. Sending things in the mail and receiving a full mail box in return.. what a delight! But then I got the one partner who is not such a delight..


So as we all know the post office can be unpredictable at times... I remember when I was going to school in Saskatchewan .. one province away from home... literally an eight hour drive... and it would take more than two weeks for mum to mail me a care package...

So picture this.. I live on Vancouver Island.. a pretty out of the way kind of place... and I get a partner in Norway... I carefully make the gift I am to send out... and then realize on the send-deadline that she lives in Norway.. so I send the parcel and hope for the best... it is now two-plus weeks since I sent the package.. it has not arrived... and instead of her understanding that the mail is unpredictable and waiting for my package... she has chosen to give me a very poor rating on my profile A) hindering my chances to participate in future swaps B)making me look bad on my own profile because of her lengthy reason for rating me so poorly C) choosing to 'teach me a lesson' rather than extend Grace and forgiveness (at Christmas no less!!!!!) and finally D) Making me just want to quit this stupid website and wash my hands of it.

I just don't understand how some people can be so forgiving and others are not... why out of all of her reasoning for marking me poorly she says that she is "so sorry to do this" yet she still chooses to do it??? She's not sorry... She's upset she didn't get what she wanted when she wanted and instead of being gracious she has chosen vengeance!

I didn't receive my item for that swap either.. and to be honest i feel like the effort I went to making that package was wasted on her... I'm so sad that I poured out my creativity on this... there is always the chance you take when swapping that your partner might not come through.. but it shouldn't make you a spiteful person...

Sometimes I feel.. in moments like this... and also when I used to work at Starbucks.. that I am losing faith in humanity... we really are greedy-nasty- creatures... I hope that for future swaps I never have to deal with this woman again.. she is a nightmare.. and she goes against everything I believe that swap-bot stands for ...

Grrrrr... Arrrrg... Snarl...

So Beautiful

Ok.. So I haven't posted lately... for that I am truly sorry... I've been on a bit of an inspiration-sojourn for the past few weeks... Being fed and encouraged in creativity... And one of those main inspirations for me has been watching So You Think You Can Dance I just came across this routine tonight and HAD to share it with you.. JOY

I love to raise my voice.. as I'm sure a lot of you know... but if I could sing like this i just wouldn't shut up.....

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